The World Coalition for Trauma Care was created during the 1st World Trauma Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in August 2012. The WCTC is a coalition of professional trauma organizations from across the world. These organizations (and their members) have the opportunity to exert international influence, help less developed nations to improve care by means of better education and knowledge, critical thinking towards systems development, data collection (trauma registries and injury surveillance), and implementation of quality improvement processes.


The Goals of The World Coalition for Trauma Care defined by the group:​

1. To increase awareness of the importance of trauma as a disease worldwide
2. Trauma Education at all levels worldwide
3. Development of trauma systems worldwide
4. Continuation of the World Trauma Congress


Please visit The WCTC Website for more information!


WCTC Societies

American Association for the Surgery of Trauma (AAST)
American College of Surgeons – Committee on Trauma
Australasian Trauma Society
European Society for Trauma and Emergency Surgery (ESTES)
International Society of Surgery ISS/SIC
Japanese Society for the Acute Care Surgery (JSACS)
Korean Society of Acute Care Surgery (KSACS)
Lusitanian Association for Trauma and Emergency Surgery
Panamerican Trauma Society (PTS)
Society of Trauma Nurses
Trauma Association of Canada (TAC)
Trauma Society of South Africa
Brazilian Trauma Society
Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma 
Indian Society for Trauma & Acute Care
World Society of Emergency Surgery
Chinese Medical Doctor Association
German Trauma Society
Japanese Association for the Surgery of Trauma (JAST)
Austrian Council for Emergency Medicine
Orthopaedic Trauma Association